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Love, Dad (2022)  

A Novel 

Love, Dad is the latest book in production by Corey Stumne based off one simple question: "What would it sound like if Jesus told the parable of the prodigal son to American Christians in 2021?"

Michael Stevenson has everything he could possibly want: an esteemed medical career, a thriving non-profit, a beautiful wife, two sons, an enormous house sitting on 20 acres of quaint Charleston property, and more money than he knows what to do with. But not everything within the Stevenson home is as picture-perfect as the local newspapers claim.

After receiving an ominous medical report, Michael's younger son, David, gives him a back-breaking demand. Michael wonders if he has the fortitude to lead his family through relational turmoil. He learns he can't please everyone.

Meanwhile, his older son, Caleb, does everything he can to win his father's approval. But Michael doesn't feel right about it. Since when did healthy father-son relationships become about proving worth through hard work and loyalty?

After tragedy strikes, Michael must lean on The Lord to be the father he knows his sons need.

His response to their short-comings would soon mean everything.


The Clock is Ticking (2023)

"If time is the most valuable resource you have, then it's the most important thing you could ever honor God with."

In his first step into the world of non-fiction, Corey Stumne shows the sacred space where Satan and Jesus battle for your heart: your calendar.

Never in all of history have we been more busy. We've got board meetings, soccer games, band practice, church small groups, exercise classes, quiet times, extra tutoring, kid's homework... the list goes on and on. What if you had a time-management philosophy based on the teachings of Jesus and founded in Scripture? How different would your life look if it was defined by calmness and composure rather than chaos and commotion?

Satan doesn't need to fill your life with evil atrocities so long as he can distract you from what's really important.

Jesus wants to give your everyday events eternal significance. 

You have a limited amount of time to honor God with your everyday schedule. How will you ensure success?

The clock is ticking.

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